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  • Property 9

    Grizzly Adams was here

  • Property 4

    I wish I knew whose car that is

  • Property 8

    Beautiful 30 acre lot on the left. You will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to it, but then again, that keeps out the in-laws (we hope)

POSTPONED – Tuftonboro, NH – October 15, 2016

ALERT – The Tuftonboro auction scheduled for October 15, 2016 is postponed. We are so very sorry for this delay. It’s the first of its kind for us. The reason for it the delay is this: ┬áThe Tuftonboro Town Meeting authorized the selectmen to sell tax acquired properties “indefinitely” in 1993. However, that “indefinitely” authority was revoked in 2003, which we didn’t discover (or even suspect) until today (10-4-2016). We have no information as to why the authority was revoked in 2003. Regardless, the town will need to re-vote in March 2017 to re-authorize the selectmen to sell tax acquired …Read more »


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